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Can Otis or any other company take care of the Thyssen TAC 50? The service from Thyssen is very good, but we like to keep our options open.

-- Bill White (321web@cox.net), February 14, 2005


response to tac 50

yes other companies can take care of tac 50's they are not that bad with the proper books and software. i don't work for TKE but i take care of alot of tac equipment. my company provided me with training manuals and service tools. alot of ur maintenece depends solely on the intellect of the guy working on it. so if u like ur guy and are happy dont roll the dice even for a cheaper cost. It's too easy to get a "disgruntled mech who is on his way out the door and has an axe to grind" they can leave ur equipment in shambles. Its amazing that building owners will spend a million dollars on elevators then not spend a penny to pprotect their investmen

-- noway (nowayurgettingmyemail@hotmail.com), February 14, 2005.

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