F4 Electrical problems and rear brakes.

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Hi I have just test riden a 2000 F4 and plan to buy it, but experienced the following problems. 1. before we left, the dealer told me he had just fitted a new battery. during the test ride, I noticed the red charge light was on on the dash. At the end of the ride, the whole dash actually blacked out. I switched off the headlight and the dash came back momentarily, but then it died again, Alternator problem?? 2. The rear brackes were non-existant for me. I have read some articles on this bulletin, but cant believe they are this bad. Hell, I rode a Japanese ZX9 before and the rear brakes were fantastic compared to these. 3. The bike ran at about 100 degrees in a city environment. Is this about correct, I looked over at the dealers bike who was with me and his bike's temperartue was at around 85 degrees (ducati). 4. the right hand fairing seemed extreamly loose.

-- Olly Boecker (oboecker@bigpond.net.au), February 13, 2005


1. Get the dealer to fix it before you buy it, simple. Obviously the bike should not be doing that.

2. The rear brakes on MV's aren't the best and in some cases, non- existent' as you put it. My MV felt soft from day one really

3. My bike runs at 100 degrees in a city environment all the time. MV's hate traffic. I would nearly go as far as saying, don't buy one unless you plan on using it on the track or open roads, which fortunately Australia has. Once on the open road the bike will sit at about 85.

4. Again, obviously a problem...has it been dropped? All fairing should be tight.

Are you in Syd? Who's the dealer? How many kmís and what are they asking for it.

-- AK5 (ak5@hotmail.com), February 13, 2005.

Olly, If it has a new battery it shouldn't light up the charge light. Seems like the alternator is not charging the battery & will cause the new battery to go flat. The funny thing with the dash might be the battery voltage was low at the end of the ride. The rear brakes are not too strong at the best of times. if the pedal is going all the way down, they usually need the brake fluid changed to improve this because the reservoir is close to the exhaust which frys the fluid. 100 degrees in stop start riding is normal. Once on open road it runs much cooler. Fairings shouldn't be loose.

-- Fiorello Galluzzo (fiorello@iinet.net.au), February 14, 2005.

I've found that the F4 1000 also runs very hot - this is partly a result of the very rich fuelling that the bike is set up with when new. Running temperatures can be reduced by asking your dealer to adjust the CO2 levels of the bike. I found that this reduces the average running temp by about 8 degrees, and means that the bike is less likely to "boil-over" when sitting in traffic. The rear brake is just as useless on the 1000 - you can improve things with some aftermarket pads (EBC sintered ones help), but I don't think it will ever be very good compared to other bikes I have ridden.

-- Rich F (richard.flanders@fujitsu-siemens.com), February 17, 2005.

On the dashboard charge light:

My 2000 did the same thing. There was a 40 amp fuse blown on a 'block' that goes to the Alternator. It was running off the battery only. I changed it and have had no more problems.

-- Ray (rgse@ctaz.com), February 20, 2005.

Hi Just an update, It was infact a faulty fuse that was replaced and sorted out the charging problem. thanks for the help

-- Olly Boecker (oboecker@bigpond.net.au), February 22, 2005.

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