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I'm interested in getting into rowing and live in an area where I've never seen a rowing scull on the water. I am a runner, a kayaker, reasonably fit, and use the concept 2 rower at the gym a few times a week. But I've never rowed a real boat. I have my eye on the Alden Horizon 17 because of its price and durability. But I know that it is often the case that the cheapest product in a category often turns out to be a bad purchase. But coming up with $2000 plus for a more expensive boat is not an option right now. Any Alden Horizon 17 owners out there who love their boat or regret buying it? Weight is also somewhat of a concern, when it comes to loading and unloading.

-- Robert Simonds (, February 12, 2005


I agree with Kim -- I would buy a used shell in preference to the Horizon. I haven't heard of anyone who loves their Horizon. While they are bullet proof, they don't offer much by way of a high-quality rowing experience. Hopefully my posting that comment will elicit a storm of responses from people who love their Horizon and we'll all learn something.


-- Doug Kidder (, February 14, 2005.

I'm not sure whether it's an intelligent, informed opinion or an ill- founded predjudice, but I'd prefer an old, used fiberglass shell over a new, roto-molded plastic boat like the Horizon any time. I rowed the Horizon once and it didn't change my mind. That said, rowing a Horizon is better than not rowing.

-- Kim Apel (, February 14, 2005.

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