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I am planning a weekend trip to Jacksonville North Carolina and would like to know of some good sites/museums to visit for SAL and ACL in that area or within 100 miles. Thanks, Bill Simons

-- Bill Simons (, February 11, 2005


Also Union Station in New Bern, which was jointly used by ACL (street running to get there) and AECRR, 39 miles north. And the restored station at Selma, at the junction of I-95 and US 70 (slightly more than 100 miles).

-- Pete Wenk (, February 20, 2005.

Bill, be sure to check out the restored ACL station in Jacksonville just off to the east of the main drag in town. The original freight room is gone but the brick passenger portion is nicely kept.

-- Bob Venditti (, February 11, 2005.

I would definitely go to the Wilmington RR Museum, on the riverfront in an ex-ACL warehouse. Not sure if it's within 100 miles, but the newly restored station at Hamlet is also worth seeing, even though the museum has not yet been put back in it. Also, again not sure about your 100-mile limit, but the NC state RR museum at Spencer is also good - it's heavy on ex-Southern stuff but has a number of significant ACL and SAL locos and cars.

-- Larry Goolsby (, February 11, 2005.

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