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Hi, What is the difference between Max power & Max torque? Does it mean that Max power include the small electronical flea "full power"? Does it mean that max torque concern an attached engine? Thanks in advance Arnaud

-- (, February 10, 2005


Hi Arnaud, With out getting too techical with you (I can if you like)the best way to explain it is perhaps to give you a example. Power is nomally measured in kilowatts where as torque is measured in Nm or neuton meters of torque. What does it all mean ? In simple terms torque is the actual pulling power of a engine where as power is actual power output. In some circumstances a engine may in fact be designed to develop more horsepower via greater revs at the expense of torque. A typical example is a diesel engine in a tractor which is designed to develop torque at lower operating revs. Torque is very important where loads are concerned as it is all about pulling power. A very light sports car on the other hand really needs more power for speed (torque is great to pull loads or get of the line fast but it is power that gives you speed).Of course a mix of the two is necassary for a balanced level of performance. Another good example is a Ducati twin ,although not as powerful as some other one litre bikes the high torque level allows them to get the power down at low revs thus making them very tractable and quick out of corners. In summary torque does not equal power but both are needed,its the mix of the two that alters the engines character. Hope this helps Brett

-- Brett (, February 10, 2005.

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