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Hello Fans of Titanic I love the movie too. But I have a big question! Does anyone know how i could meet Leonardo DiCaprio + Kate Winslet? I wanna meet them so very bad! please help thank you


-- Hayley Dawn Stephens (chops@psci.net), February 08, 2005


Get really famous, win an oscar, and see them at the acadamy awards. Aside from that, there is no way you can meet them unless you get creepy and stalk them.

-- Abby Leery (ducksareinsane@hotmial.com), February 12, 2005.

Well you could get on to the Disney Channel and send them a letter to Wish upon a star.

-- Katie Fell (kateyourmate@hotmail.co.uk), February 21, 2005.

Or you could try to get GOOD GRAMMAR!!! It's so very badLY!! And dream on!

-- Anna Bening (devrginized@hotmail.com), March 01, 2005.

Well, here's another idea. Kate Winslet is currently working on a film with Jude Law, called 'All the Kings Men.' The crew of 'All the King's Men' will be in New Iberia [Louisiana] this weekend looking for extras, particularly children and adults between 30 and 60. There's an open casting call Saturday and Sunday between noon and 6:00 at the Best Western Inn on Highway-14." I don't know if you live anywhere near there, but if you do and you make it, you would probably be able to meet Kate. Not Leo, though.

-- Abby (ducksareinsane@hotmail.com), March 09, 2005.

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