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Can anyone tell me how long the ACL "old Time " cabooses were used until? ( the ones with the side door)

If they were used in later years, were they re stenciled with new ACL logos or did they keep the old black ACL logos?



-- matt strickland (, February 08, 2005


Matt, the latest-date photos I've seen of any ACL side-door cabooses are in the 1920s or so. I assume back then the colors were caboose red with white lettering, at least it appears that way from photos. Not sure what you mean by "old black" logo - ?? ACL caboose lettering up until the 1940s was simply the road name and number in white Roman lettering. This was followed by Gothic, which was used on wood cabooses until the end. The one exception was the white caboose 0268, painted in 1962, which had a mix of black and red lettering.

-- Larry Goolsby (, February 08, 2005.

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