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I have secured an order for a new F4 Tamburini and I am having major problems getting anyone to insure it. Is anyone having similar problems getting insurance for the top end Agusta bikes??? I'm low risk - full no claims, riding for 15+ years, over 40 etc, etc.

-- David Tucker (, February 08, 2005


In general, at least in the US, i was having a hard time getting insurance on a MV Agusta in general, since its not on the books at most insurance companies.

Other places wanted stupid money for MVs.

for example Geico: 1 yr full coverage for a Duc 999 S = $900, 1 yr for a MV F4 Evo3 = $3500

i don't get that b/c the Duc 999s is more expensive, more powerful etc. lol

-- Issimo (, February 08, 2005.

David, The 2 brokers I have previously had my F4 insured through in the UK are Carole Nash plus H&L. Not sure if they will cover a Tamburini but a lot of other brokers including Bennetts wouldn't even touch a basic F4. Good luck. Tony

-- Tony Hilson (, February 08, 2005.

I insured mine with ALFA.....they have my house and cars too. The MV wasn't on their books either, so they insured it as a plain old 750cc motorcycle. $450/year

-- Tim (, February 08, 2005.

We had the same prob initially and I'm 48 with 30+ years riding experience with no claims. Tried 13 companies and almost gave up... but thanks to my wife's brainstorming.. we ended up insuring it as a "collector's bike".. no milage stipulations.. I pay $500 a year for it.. Lots of places that insure rare cars and bikes out there.

Keep in mind these bike are a in limited production..Might be something you hadn't thought of.

BTW.. Don't ask me where I insured mine as I won't tell for fear that A. the word will get out, B. they'll wise up, and C. I'll have to sell my bike as I refuse to pay EVERY other quote we received which started at $1500 and went UP. Rat bastard insurance companies..

-- Jerry (Pirate) Finley (, February 09, 2005.

Hey Dave,

By your e-mail address I'm guessing your in the UK? - I had trouble (at first with my SPR), But eventually got a fantastic deal from based in Slough I think ? I got fully comp insurance for 650 with 5000 ltd mileage clause and they specified security (Nothing out of the ordinary though)...

Hope this helps,


-- Steve (, February 20, 2005.

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