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I just submitted a question about the Titantic passenger list for my third grade class. Then I noticed a mistake in my email address. The correct address is Thank you.

-- Susan Hand (, February 08, 2005

Answers It's the best Titanic source not just on the web, but anywhere. It not only has who survived, but mini biographies for each person, their birthday, where they were from, who they were with, what boat they were in if they survived, and if thier body was ever recovered if they died. It also has discussions about all aspects of the ship and the sinking and the movie. I'm in school and a very big fan of the Titanic, and this project sounds really fun. If you havn't yet, you should read A Night to Remember, by Walter Lord. It will help to prep you for teaching them about it. Good luck, and I hope this helped.


-- Abby Leery (, March 01, 2005.

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