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I came as a H1B to work for a company, then I got Laid Off, got rehired, went out a "leaved my process for Greencard". Came back to the States (Jul 2001)after a year, "supposely" with the I551 already granted, enter with a B1/B2, then got the I551 approval inside US.

Summit all my papers and started to work in a company; after being working, I discovered that it was a faked work permit.

Among the same lines, me and my fiancee, which is an US Citizen, are planning to get married. She could Soponsor me for a Greencard.

My question(s) are related to the Greencard Process, they are: 1. What aditional consecuences would bring the fact that I worked with a faked work permit? 2. Would the process for Greencard get delayed due to this fact? 3. Which aditional steps need to be done in order to normalize my situation? 4. Would the time frame to grant work permit be delayed?



-- Jean Martin (, February 08, 2005

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