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I currently own a Story & Clark baby grand piano. I am trying to sell it and downsize into a smaller upright piano.

The piano, mechanically, is in excellent condition. About the only work needed done is to tighten a few pins. As far as the look of the piano goes, it has lost its shine and needs refinished. Also the lid needs to be refastened.

I believe the finish is of the piano is the original ebony (That is what a technician told me). He also noted that the sound board was something that he had never seen before (He had been tuning pianos for 50 years - and this peaked his interest)

I am looking to find what it may be worth. I am under the impression that this piano may be an antique, considering there is no visible serial number. My local piano technician was even surprised he couldn't find it.

The only number I have found is a "25" which is marked (embedded) into the wood on the underside of the piano beneath the keyboard. Does anyone know what this number represents? Could the "25" be the serial number?


-- Steve Margita (, February 06, 2005

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