Gourmet Cafe System Saeco 7P machines

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Would anyone care to offer feedback on the Gourmet Cafe System I have recently viewed the presentation and sent a deposit . If any one has any feed back or machines for sale I would Appreaciate it.

-- Rick A (xxxrickz@yahoo.ca), February 06, 2005


I started with them about a year ago. The business is not as easy as the salesman with the company outlined but I fully expected that. Jim one of the equipment techs, and Grant are great to deal with and have solved any problems I have encountered. The machines are great and my customers are loving my coffee. I only started with 2 machines and now I have 4 out. My Advice! Work hard and keep it up. I want to have 10 machines out by next year.

-- Jim (jamesallen1962@aol.com), February 08, 2005.

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