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Does any person have a drawing or photograph of a hand operated device for winding the old rope onto during the changing of hoist ropes,instead of winding onto empty rope reels? Any advice,any pictures , any drawings would be appreciated.

-- PAUL SCHOFIELD (, February 06, 2005


We usually set a 55 gallon drum in the pit and coil the old rope into the drum as we wind the new on. When we get the car running again, we use it to lift the drum out of the pit, and then we throw the drum and the old rope away.

-- Will (, February 06, 2005.

Hi Paul; I used to work for Otis in Perth and currently am on extended leave from ThyssenKrupp. Anyhow when I worked on repairs at Otis; we had some fridge trolleys made up (I think Duals may have done them). We basicaaly got a normal fridge trolley and attached a car rim vertically between one of the braces i.e. on the upright part; with an extended ring of metal on both outer perimeters to take big lengths of rope.This assembly was welded on and fitted with a bearing and handle to wind it. This made it easy to move the old rope around and also the front part of the rim assembly was removable so when you had a big length on the rim you could tie it off then pull the whole rope off the assembly all neatly coiled. Ask one of the Otis repairs boys when you next see them as I am in Cambodia at the moment. Sorry about the fake email you can ask Greg Ferguson it get my TKE one for you; its just that you keep getting the bloody Nigerian letters by posting your email address here.

-- Ray Toy (, February 08, 2005.

Sorry to use this forum for none related lift stuff but on HOTMAIL you can close the address book to block unwanted e-mails and spam and I for one never want to fly to Nigeria.

-- geoff judge (, February 09, 2005.

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