...Tư bản vẫn l cc cụt Kt thơm tho cho Hanoi :)))

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Impressive news :))) without Tu+ Ba?n thi` Hanoi che^'t tu+` khua ro^`i


Sai Gon highway work begins


A computer image of the Thu Thiem tunnel that will run under the Sai Gon River. VNS Photo

HCM CITY Work started yesterday on the construction of the US$600 million Sai Gon East-West Highway.

The 21.89 kilometre highway will include a tunnel under the Sai Gon River, and is expected to speed-up travel in the city and to neighbouring provinces, said project director Huynh Ngoc Si.

Sixty-five per cent of the funding for the project will come from Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) loans provided through the Japan Bank for International Co-operation (JBIC).

Speaking at the opening ceremony yesterday, Prime Minister Phan Van Khai said that infrastructure development projects are key to facilitating HCM Citys great development potential and managing its population growth.

He also thanked the Japanese Government for their assistance to the citys infrastructure development projects.

Japan has provided ODA loans for two other infrastructure projects in HCM City: the Tan Son Nhat Airport Terminal and the Water Sanitation Project.

Khai asked the contractors, the supervisors, the project management and investors to strictly adhere to project requirements and regulations.

"HCM City now has a population of 7 million people, so safety must be the number one priority while implementing the project," said Khai.

Construction of the highway, which will run through the citys 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, Binh Tan and Binh Chanh districts, is expected to finish in about three years.

The Japanese ambassador to Viet Nam, Norio Hattori, said the highway project will be a milestone in HCM Citys process of urbanisation and modernisation.

"We believe that the stability and development of Viet Nam is an indispensable element for the development of the Southeast Asian region," said the ambassador.

The project reclaimed 201.6ha and affected 6,754 households and 368 government agencies and enterprises. So far 97 per cent of land clearance has been completed.

Le Thanh Hai, chairman of HCM City Peoples Committee, asked district authorities to complete site clearance quickly to ensure that the project could progress smoothly. VNS

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Without Tu+ Ba?n thi` Hanoi che^'t tu+` khua ro^`i

As I remember, Hanoi built 1 parking garage with 10 stories or else but they want to designt their own Elevator, it doesn't work :))))

Now, under ground ????? Oh my Gosh :)))


Friday, March 26, 2004

Underground parking is expected to relieve the crowded streets in Ha Nois Hoan Kiem District. VNS Photo Doan Tung Ha Noi weighs underground car parks

HA NOI With more Vietnamese buying cars and parking space at a premium, Ha Nois Investment and Housing Development Company has submitted plans to build underground car parks to deal with the crunch.

Company management board chairman Vu Huy Hung said they were waiting for approval from the Ha Noi Peoples Committee to build two, three- level underground car parks in Hoan Kiem District.

The two bold projects, estimated at a total VND600 billion (US$38.2 million), hope to address the citys expanding motorist population. Car registrations in Ha Noi have been rising 10-12 per cent annually, putting increasing pressure on the city to make room to park the vehicles.

The first project, the VND200 billion (US$12.7 million) Hang Khoai Street car park, is designed to house 200 cars over 3,300sq.m.

The much larger VND400 billion ($25.5 million) Chi Linh car park would cover 24,000sq.m and have a capacity to hold a maximum 570 cars along with car-related services.

Hung said feasibility studies were in the works and were expected to be complete next month. If approved soon, the projects would be slated for construction from 2004-06.

Municipal funds would be spent on land clearance while investors would be responsible for all other areas of the projects.

Director of Transport and Public Works Departments Ha Noi Parking Services Company, Hoang Duy Hung, expressed his strong support for the project.

A number of roads in the inner city were now being used as parking lots, destroying the citys beauty and causing traffic congestion, he said.

Under a new municipal parking strategy, the total area dedicated to parking lots would increase from the current 24ha to 267ha by next year. At the same time, parking spaces would increase from 6,000 to 100,000. The new, expanded parking spaces would account for just 1.1 per cent of public land.

By 2010, the plan aims to double the parking area to allow space for 200,000 cars.

A key component of the citys parking plans includes upgrades of existing city centre car parks and expansion of others in suburban industrial zones and near sports and entertainment centres.

Targeted suburban areas include: Gia Thuy in Gia Lam District; Kim Nguu in Hai Ba Trung District; Phung Khoang and Xuan Phuong in Tu Liem District; and Hai Boi in Dong Anh District.

According to Hung, the city had tried to implement measures to curb the trend for new cars. In 2002, the city put forward a proposal requiring car buyers to buy or rent a garage long-term before registering a new vehicle.

Last year bus depots were constructed along national highways just outside the city to encourage drivers to park their cars and take buses into work.

The initiatives were not effective enough to slow the trend, Hung said.

Ha Noi motorists welcome news their chances of finding a parking space may be on the rise.

Le Ngoc Mai said the projects sounded good because every time she drove into city centre areas like Hoan Kiem Lake she had trouble finding a space.

Tran Tien Manh, a resident of the popular restaurant street Le Van Huu, complained about the daily traffic jam caused by cars at noon.

Ha Noi resident Nguyen Quoc Huy said anytime he tried to park on Le Van Huu Street he had to circle the block a number of times to wait for a free space. VNS

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This one looks not bad :))) Tuban My~/Ngu.y muo^n na(m


The improved bus services has become a favourite means of travel of many people. VNA/VNS Photo Bui Tuong

Capital commuters to park and ride

HA NOI The expansion of Ha Nois bus network is expected to generate ticket sales of close to 210 million this year, 24 per cent more than last year, according to an official from the citys Department of Transport and Public Works.

Authorities are trying to increase the number of residents who use public transport to cut down the number of motorbikes in the city as they cause traffic congestion and pollution.

But slow road works and site clearance, and a lack of proper investigation into how and where the network should be expanded, could mean a more extensive bus service is some distance away.

When the bus service has spread across the city, the department estimates 300 million tickets will sell each year by 2005 and 500 million a year by 2010.

"Passengers require a bus network with more specific routes than there are currently," said Nguyen Van Du, director of the departments urban transport division. "At the moment, you can only travel by bus to some parts of the city."

But Du said the developing a larger bus network had not been investigated sufficiently yet.

Other countries in the region based the development of their bus networks on the growth of the urban population, Du said. They had studied the habits of bus travellers and discovered where the greatest demand for new routes was.

Nguyen Van Thuong, head of the departments planning division, said the city authorities had created the right conditions for expansion. However, the citys infrastructure was not yet capable of dealing with the development of the bus service, he said.

Thuong said the city was planning to build roads reserved only for buses, however many streets in Ha Noi were too narrow.

Nguyen Anh Thang, from the management board of Ha Nois transport development projects, said developing urban transport and the bus network had been held up by road works around the city that had been slow to finish.

For example, the construction of a road linking Kim Lien with O Cho Dua crossroads and De La Thanh Street has been approved and the investment capital transferred to the State Treasury, Thang said.

But work on the 1,088m-long, 50m-wide road has come to a standstill as the management board is having problems clearing the site. The road is due to be finished by the end of this year.

"If construction on this road is completed, there will be a chance for the transport sector to develop the bus network," Thang said.

Nguyen Doan Dung, director of the Department of Transport and Public Works, said his department had submitted a project to develop Ha Nois bus service to authorities.

Dung said the project would mobilise the maximum amount of investment capital by developing follow-up services such as parking areas for buses and cars, to reduce the States initial investment and future subsidies.

With the exception of the Ha Noi Transport Corporation, companies could get an opportunity to invest in the bus service, creating a strong competitive environment.

However, dividing the bus routes between companies could prove difficult as some routes will be more lucrative than others because of differences in passenger numbers and ticket prices could vary too much as a result.

It has also been proposed that several member companies of the Ha Noi Transport Corporation be equitised, becoming joint stock companies that then invest in the network.

Investment from the private sector is expected to ensure the stability of the bus system. However, the corporation will have to invest considerable time and money in expanding the network before this is possible.

Dung said the joint stock companies would look after bus services and services such as parking and petrol stations. Income from these services and state subsidies would help to ensure the continuing development of the service. VNS

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Now, UNDER GROUND again for Saigon ????? Hmmmm Hanoi can not taking care of FLOOD , can this be a disaster in the future :))))


HCM City parking goes underground

HCM CITY A joint-venture company is proposing to build a BOT (Build- Operate-Transfer) project to develop an underground parking lot under the existing Le Van Tam Park in HCM Citys District 1.

The 5.9 ha Le Van Tam Park would be a three-floor parking space built on 2.9ha.

The first floor will have room for 38 buses, 69 minibuses and light trucks.

The 2,240sq.m entresol between the 1st and the 2nd floor will be able to accommodate 750 motorbikes and supporting facilities, and the second floor will hold 700 motorbikes and 263 cars. The third floor would accommodate 880 cars.

When construction of the first stage is completed, the project could provide 9.56ha of parking space for 1,255 cars and buses and 1.45 million motorbikes.

The development of the project is a joint venture between Hyder-CDC and the Vietnamese & S Joint-Stock Investment Company.

Investment for the project amounts to VND657 billion (US$41 million). Construction is expected to begin in the third quarter of this year and be completed in 2006.

The project is expected to have little impact on the environment and not affect the trees and facilities in Le Van Tam Park.

Le Van Tam Park is managed by HCM City Park and Greenery Management Company.

According to figures released by the Traffic Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security, 800,000 cars have been registered for circulation in the country, 40 per cent of them registered in HCM City and Ha Noi.

HCM City, which has some 300,000 cars and 2.4 million motorbikes, needs 250ha of parking space. But the city now has only 10 parking lots with a total area of less than 8ha.

"The underground car park is one of the priority projects in HCM City that will help address the traffic problems in the city," according to a report from the Bank-Security Company.

The car park project is located in a prime location. The developers of the underground car park project said, as of April 20, they had received capital contributions from 12 holders. VNS

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