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i would like some information on the print "sunrise at loch katrine" artist hr hall age of print and aproximent value

-- bernice martens (, February 03, 2005



I cannot offer much information on "Sunrise On Loch Katrine", I too, have been searching for anything in regards to it but have found nothing. My mother told me that she remembers her father bringing it home when she was very young (1940's). My grandparents moved from England to Canada in 1920 so I would guess that the print brought back memories of home. I always loved the image as a youngster and I just recently asked my mother if I could take it apart to clean the glass and repair some damage to the frame. She told me to keep it but she was also curious as to whether it was of any value. If I do find any information that may be of interest to you, I will forward it.


Ken Delyea

-- Ken Delyea (, March 05, 2005.

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