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I am a Naturalized US Citizen and I have a 14 yr old Foreing born Child. His papers for a certificate of citizienship have been filed back in august 2003. We have already assisted to one appointment in which they told us they needed more information as to a paternity test to proof he's my child and proof that i've lived in the united states long before he was born. I have consulted a lawyer before and they told me that he needs to keep his I-4 up to date because if it is expired when immigracion calls for him that they won't give him his certificate. Other people are telling me that he doesn't need to have I-4 up to date that it's risky to have him come in and out of the country and take the risk of him not being able to come in. His I-4 expires in April? Please advise me what should I do? Thanks! Angelo

-- Angelo (, February 03, 2005

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