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Wanted 3 good used, I am not interested in the old stlye ones with the old boilers and old coin mech. Why is it seem to be to be alot of salemen for other inferior machines posting fake ads (not Saeco)just to get my attention and they never really have the Saeco machines at all. Bob Kerr thanks for your email it seems your in the same boat as me, let me know if the show people will be selling off any used demos, I'll contact you if I also find out from them. I just placed all my machines from my last order of new machines all in one hospital (4)got one free because of one last coupon I had to redeem, excellent location. I have a place that wants 3 machines but it's a foundry (very dirty) so I don't want to give them new.

-- Alan Carter (alan@mymountain.com), February 02, 2005


Hello Alan are the operator in Dallas? I am looking for any decent, used machines also, seems to be some olders ones out there with the old boliers, not nsf approved for north american market anymore. I am in Boise, ID and started in I think about the same time as you because if you remember I met your wife (Barb ?) at the cleveland the gourmet cafe system training. She might remember me ( I was the good looking guy in the front row) she'll remember...just kidding. It I wish there were more losers out there that I could pouch upon. Had any luck? Let me know if you come across any and contact me directly in the meantime I am buying new at least I know what I am getting. Thanks James

-- James Allen (jamesallen1962@yahoo.com), February 04, 2005.

Thanks for calling me Barb but I lost your phone number. My friend went to the gourmet cafe system canmax meeting for me and got all the info, the staff were great and very helpful, looking to get started in my area. I did check out that other company and as you reccommend that I do, thank god I did they are not even the same. as you said got to be careful My husband Jim is a firm beleiver in what you said "penny wise pound foolish" i sometimes let that get the best of me. Thanks again for the heads up...please call me.

-- Karen (cmjkaren@hotmail.com), February 04, 2005.

the gourmet cafe system worked great in our office thats why I called to see if a local operator would sell me one or set itmy boat marina. Thanks is working good

-- Reggie (RegCarmen@earthlink.com), February 04, 2005.

Hi Alan,

I bought a Gourmet Cafe route machine from an operator who had one in my office and one in a law firm as an on going business for $30,000. I have made this back in less than 10 months and I am turned on to get more machines.

Mine are the newer models, why do you stay away frokm the old ones?



-- Brian Douglas (netzero-1x1@rogers.com), February 06, 2005.

I have one Saeco P7 Plus machine available for sale. I purchased it October 2003 - I don't know if this has the old or new boiler you are referring to but I would be happy to open the machine and get any info you would need.

It has never been put in a location and the only beverages produced were to test it when I received it. I am selling it for $1,500 US or best offer. I am located in Atlanta, GA. Buyer will need to pay shipping if necessary.

-- Sean Clancy (sdclancy@yahoo.com), February 07, 2005.

Hi I am considering becoming an operator for the Gourmet Cafe System in San Diego. I would GREATLY appreciate any positive/negative feedback from you guys, and whether this is a good/bad business opportunity. I figure its all about location, but what locations are the best, and what is the best way of getting those elusive "gold pots". I am figuring that large fitness centers may be a good niche.



-- Jonathan Wood (ojonathano@aol.com), March 03, 2005.

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