radial brakes on the showa f4 fork

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Hello Guys...

I'm building a Special wit a mv agusta showa fork and i was planning to put on Spiegler 8 brakes on them but found out after i bought them that Spiegler doesnt make adapters for those forks and i do'nt want to make adapters myself so i look now for the radial ones! Found them at a reaseble price in the states but i do'nt have a creditcard and actualy hate those things! Anyone tips?

-- peter prins (pk50@wanadoo.nl), February 02, 2005


Hello Peter, Your best bet is a wire transfer to the bank of the shop you are buying the radial set-up from. Good luck!

-- masis (masisludiy@aol.com), February 02, 2005.

which shop are you looking to get it from?

motowheels or casoli?

-- Issimo (sales@issimomotors.com), February 03, 2005.

Heelo Peter, have a look at: http://www.mv-teile.de.ki/.

Click on "Radialbremse" and you will find an adapter for radial brakes. The company resides in Germany. You can send an email to Mr. Kraemer in English.

Best wishes

-- Bernd (bernd.froehlich@arcplan.com), February 04, 2005.

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