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I've noticed many posters on this forum have access to official files, records, or otherwise recollections of derailments and wrecks. Can anyone provide info on a derailment from the early 60's (late 50's?) at the Creston, SC junction (probably Old Florence division) of a freight on the ACL main there between Augusta, Ga. and Florence, SC. In particular any cause learned, type of motive power, time of derailment, number of cars in consist or anything similar. Thanks! I vaguely remember going to see it with my dad, but remember it occurred late on a Saturday night or very early Sun. AM.

-- Capers Bull (, February 01, 2005


Thanks very much, Mr. Savchak.

-- Capers Bull (, February 03, 2005.

The closest that I can come up with is an ICC investigated accident on July 4, 1962 at Effingham SC. ICC Accident Report #3955 gives the details. While the USDOT has most ICC accident reports in its On Line digital Collections, the period 1959-1968 is very poorly represented in their listings and you would most probably have to get the report from the US government archives.

-- Michael W. Savchak (, February 03, 2005.

This is merely a technicality, but that should read Florence District instead of Florence Division. There were only three divisions on the ACL, the Northern Division, the Southern Division, and the Western Division which used to be the old AB&C Railroad. Divisions were divided up into Districts. The Florence District was on the Northern Division.

-- Bill Sellers (, February 02, 2005.

Sorry - I mistyped - this was a wye junction, not an interlocking. I knew that.

-- Capers Bull (, February 01, 2005.

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