First I would like to introduce myself: I am Ryan Khouja Export Manager at Quality Espresso for the US and Canada.

I got your contact details from the yellow pages; as you are a coffee related business.

Our company is one of the leading companies manufacturing Espresso machines since 1952. We are in possession of the ISO quality certification for the production environment.

Given our background and our capacity to integrate the major part of our components (not assembling, nor outsourcing only); we are able to manufacture under high standard, decreasing the price level versus our major competitors.

At the time being we are looking for distributors across North America, people like us, with a philosophy of quality and customer focus.

Actually we do manufacture the following brands: Mairali, Visacrem, Italcrem & Futurmat.

To get a better overview about our company and the products we do manufacture, please have a look to the following website:

On the Tea & Coffee Journal (September edition) you will see an article dedicated to our company. In Spain with a market for 30.000 units of Espresso machines sold per year, our company owns more than 40% of the market share, and keeps growing.

On our past “Quality Espresso, like a claimant to a throne, can trace its espresso lineage back to the dawn of the drink” On our workforce “Few companies can benefit from such longevity and loyalty in their workers - a wealth of crafting experience that puts real value behind the usual marketing claims about quality” On our size “... in terms of production volume, capacity and workforce, it would rival the largest Italian manufacturers ...” On our products “Thump a Quality Espresso product - it rings with depth; pick up a Quality Espresso serving group handle and the weight speaks for itself” “Quality Espresso is cold stainless steel crafted to make a hot cup of classic espresso.” On our design philosophy “The builders built thinking of how the users would use” “... Producing machines with ... as little plastic as possible, and with most components made in house; creating machines with genuine “presence” by focusing on housing design details” On our new models “Each benefits from the company’s conservative strategy of blending the best parts with the latest technology, while staying true to the espresso tradition”

Another advantage of working with our brand is that you get 3 levels of finishing: - Low end: - Medium End: - High end:

Please access the links. I don't send you images attached as sometimes causes emailing issues.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any doubt, or if further information about us is required.

In case, you do not want to get any email updating you about our activities and our new products, please let us know, and we will remove you from our contact list, just respond and put remove in the subject.

Thanks in advance for your feed back.

Thanks & best regards, Ryan Khouja Export Manager USA and Canada Quality Espresso S.A. Cell phone: +34.617.37.04.40 FAX: +34.93.332.21.11 Email:

Visit our booth at the SCAA: Seattle WA Booth #2318 April 15-18th April 2005

-- Ryan Khouja (, February 01, 2005

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