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I'm looking for a series of Piano Teaching Books called "Keyboard Arts", apparently it's a series of teaching books from 1 to 40. I don't know who wrote or published them however; and I hear they are out of print. May daughters current teacher told me that these are the books he learnt from (he's very good), but lost them in a move and has never been able to find a new set. I'd like to find them for my daughter. Thanks so much if you have any information.

Nina Buckley

-- Nina Buckley (, January 31, 2005


Have you tried EBay or (run by EBay, but with fixed prices)?

-- GT (, January 31, 2005.

These thin several papers each book were written by Richard Chronister and David Kraehenbuel (spelling?). Of course hence the Keyboard Arts magazine then the first National Keyboard Pedagogy conference, Keyboard Companion and finally a return of the pedagogy conference every other year in Chicago. This is the work of Richard Chronister. see

-- barbara graham (, February 04, 2005.

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