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Wanted: A good rowing mitten. 1. Must keep fingers warm at 20 degrees F in a 15 knot wind. 2. Must breathe well. My hands sweat a lot. 3. Must be as thin as possible at the grip. 4. Must dry out well after a wet row, ready for the next day.

-- Louis Mackall (, January 30, 2005


Rather than getting some mittens, you might try to locate some "Pogies". Pogies are similure to mittens except they slip over your entire hand (no separate thumb) and have an opening in the sides for the oar handle to pass through. This allows you to have direct contact with the oar, allowing you to row with no alteration in your technique, yet your hands are covered. They are made of different material, but usually of nylon, and can be lined or unlined depending on your particular conditions. At 20 degrees I would suggest the lined for you, that's pretty cold to be on the water (but then I've become such a wimp as I've gotten older). You can usually find them at most sites that carry rowing equipment and gear. You might try Alden's website, or Adirondac (spelling) Rowing, or Sew Sporty.

I've an old pair of wool knitted ones, just like mittens, that really work well. I have found that when I wear them, I usually take them off after a while. It seems that once you get to working hard and your hands and the handles have warmed up they no longer seem necessary.

I really think pogies would work far better for you than regular mittens. It's much better to have that direct contact between your hands and the oar handles. It allows for better feathering and a more secure grip.

Take care, and be careful out there when it's that cold.


-- Rich Hundahl (, January 31, 2005.

Heck, just google for pogies. You'll find a lot of references.

-- Les Warner (, January 31, 2005.

I tried a pair of pogies a while back and found them cumbersome and not at all warm. I buy cheap gloves wherever I can find them, nylon with non-slip palms, thin insulation. They work fine. The pogies might work with light gloves inside. If you are interested and if I can find them I will mail my Pogies to you. They're probably just collecting dust on a shelf in the garage.


-- Jon Aborn (, January 31, 2005.

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