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My partner is off work with an injury an has been for past 4 months we have payment protection for our mortgage an they said they were waiting for information from doctor and then would start paying our mortgage they said there was no problem with the claim.We recently received a letter from them saying they would not pay as it is the same injury he had a few years ago.He was off work for 8 months with an injury a few year ago.The doctor says it is in the same place but DEFINATELY a different injury and has told the insurers this but they say the doctor said it is same injury and are refusing to pay, wehavent paid our mortgage while he has been off work and they are going for a repossession order any ideas would be appreciated.

-- Worried (, January 30, 2005


Appeal against the insurance decision and in the meantime set up a payment arrangement to prevent you being repossessed.

-- David J. Button (, January 30, 2005.

This is very typical of payment protection insurances and they are probably using the "pre existing illness" get out - although I would appreciate your argument that this is a different injury.

You may want to consider going down to your local CAB office who have a lot of experience with this particular issue and will write to your mortgage lender and the insurance company on your behalf. Make sure you have ALL documentation with you before you go.

Double check with DWP in case you qualify for help with the payment of the interest on your mortgage.

Good luck and keep us posted.


-- Moira (, January 31, 2005.

Thanks for the advice but what is DWP.

-- Worried (, January 31, 2005.

DWP is the department for Works and Pensions previously known as social security.

If your partners injury is likely to affect his mobility for 6 months or more you should look at claiming DLA (disablity living allowance). There are two components to this benefit namely CARE and MOBILTY

-- Moira (, February 01, 2005.

Some DWP functions - e.g. payment of mortgage interest - have been subsumed by Job Centre Plus offices in some areas.

-- Eleanor Scott (, March 06, 2005.

Hi Did your partner injure himself at work? Prepare yourself for a lengthy dispute, as with all cases it is prudent to complete a financial statement I have a generic one I will email to you this automatically adds up ingoings and outgoings. As with any mortgage cover until it kicks in it is always advisable to make your payments as usual. Repossession orders can easily be dealt with prepare your case and attend the courts are there to help. Regards Adrian

-- Adrian Ratcliffe (, March 06, 2005.

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