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Hi,The lift is in the UK, but is an Italian Import installed by Curti Lifts. Direct on line, 2 floor, direct acting, about 12 yrs old, maybe older. No PCBs. relay only controller. CODICE 062206 SCHEMA No GB31174 or GB31124 perhaps. Can anyone help with obtaining some wiring diagrams for this type of lift. Curti are very helpful, but didn't keep copies of these diagrams. Lift runs on test, and will call when doors are closed and lift is between floors, but doors wont close when stood at landings. Curti now fit Setronik PLC controllers (also Italian), so this might be an older version, but I can't determine this. Regards, The Liftman

-- The Liftman (, January 30, 2005


I had a curti on my route sometime ago, roughly same problem, had to reset I think either c3 switch or f6but there is a procedure to do this. I think you have to hold something in then reset one of the switches,thats all i can come up with- drawings were all in Italian

-- kvs (, January 30, 2005.

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