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Hi all.

!5 years of drivers licence. 36 years old. Only one accident in all those years (and I was not guilty. So my insurance company did not have to pay) 1745 euro/ year for the basic and obligatory insurance of an F4 1000. Exclude damage to my vehicle, my self, if the bike gets stoled,road assistance, etc etc. Just for the laugh, if I wanted full insurance they ofer me one for 10000 Euros. And there are only two companies who will insure that bike. Is that a scam or what. How is it elseware?

-- chano (, January 29, 2005


15 years. is 15 years.

-- chano (, January 29, 2005.

Most insurance companies Don't rate the mv all that well so go overboard when giving a quote,i only found that out when my insurance came up for renew on a mv 750 1+1 The company i was with virgin asked 300 Fully comp protected last year and this year they wanted 780 WHY? they said it was because the underwriters only look at key points of the insurance and if you are a ? on any of the ones you dont pass they asume you are a risk. I got my new company to phone them direct as i was getting quotes of 3700 at some places and could not understand WHY. I am 41 with 20years exp but with only 7 years no claims due to a rest from bikes.

-- Brian (, January 30, 2005.

..tell 'em it's a Cagiva...

-- Bill (, January 30, 2005.

For you guys in the UK I have found an excellent company who now insure my SPR -, I had quotes from 2600 to 980 for fully comp, I eventually got it for 660 from Access Underwriting. The only thing they do stipulate is that security is Sold Secure Gold standard and or Thatham 1.


-- Steve (, January 31, 2005.

I pay 450 fully comp and that covers an F4 (750 2001) a VFR400R a CR750 (it's a CB750 realy) and a Z750ltd with sidecar. I am 41 with no claims in 20 odd years, the bikes all have to be garauged and the F4 had to have a thatcham alrm fitted. I had a little "off" on my CB750 on Friday but can't claim because my policy would be cancelled and I would have major difficulties getting cover for the F4, so what exactly am I paying for I wonder

-- MM (, February 07, 2005.

look at your policy. it will come from a company such as "equity red star" (just for instance)This is the firm actually covering the risk. Then look at the rest of the paperwork. you will see that it comes via a broker. In many cases they have it through a second broker, the trick is to track back through the paper line and cut out as many of the leeches as possible. I am 44, my F4 costs me 126 fully comp. Im not going to cut my own throat by putting everything on here but from the above and by reading your paperwork carefully you can save hundreds. good luck

-- bernie. (, February 25, 2005.

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