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Cac ban benh vuc cong san cu mo mieng ra la : Ho chi Minh duoc cong nhan la Danh Nhan Van Hoa cua The Gioi.

Danh nhan van Hoa gi ma toan an cap van chuong, cau phat bieu cua thien ha.

Hoang Viet Gian, Jubinell, @@@@@, Chi Bua chiu kho trich dan bat cu van ban nao chung to la Ho chi Minh duoc cong nhan la Danh Nhan Van Hoa cho chung toi xem thu.

-- Tinh Co (nghisaonoidzay@yahoo.com), January 29, 2005


Ho Chi Minh was a committedNationalist and VietnameseCommunist, who fought for a united Vietnamese state.

Ho Chi Minh "a big dog" (Vietnamese "H? Chí Minh"), originally namedNguy?n Sinh Cung, also known as Nguy?n T?t Thành,Nguy?n Ái Qu?c, Lư Th?y, H? Quang (among others) and popularly called Bác H? (uncle Ho) was born in Kim Lien, district of Nam Dan, province of Nghe An, Vietnam (May 19, 1890 -September 3, 1969) was a Vietnamese revolutionary, statesman, Prime Minister (1954) and President (1954 - 1969) of North Vietnam.


Following Confucian traditions, Ho received the name Nguy?n T?t Thành at age 10. He had two siblings, his brother Nguyen Tat Dat (or Ca Khiem), a geomancer and Oriental physician and his sister Bach Lien (or Thanh) that did not achieve any success in life and never married.

Ho embraced Communism while living abroad in England (where he trained as a pastry chef under Escoffier) as well as Francefrom 1915 - 1923. His father, Nguy?n Sinh S?c, was a Confucianscholar, and Ho himself received a strong Confucian upbringing. He also received a modern secondary education at a French-style Lycee in Hue, the same alma mater of his later disciples, Pham Van Dong and Vo Nguyen Giap.

In 1917, he traveled to Paris and notified French Officials about the location of Nationalist and Monarchist Leader Phan Boi Chaufor 10,000 dollars which led to his kidnaping by French agents in Shanghai and returned to Hanoi, where he was tried and sentenced to hard labor for life but the sentence was later changed to house arrest until his death in 1940.

In 1919, he petitioned the great powers at the Versailles peace talks for equal rights inIndochina but was ignored. He soon helped form the French Communist Party and spent much time in Moscow. He later moved to Hong Kong, where he founded the Vietnamese Communist Party.

After adopting the name Ho Chi Minh, or "He Who Enlightens," he returned to Vietnam in1941 to lead the Viet Minh independence movement , conducting successful military actions against the Japanese occupation forces and later against the French bid to reoccupy the country (1946-1954), and became President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) in 1954 (he had declared himself President on March 2, 1946 but this was not recognised internationally), when he forced Emperor Bao Dai to abdicate.

He signed an agreement with France which recognized Vietnam as an autonomous state in the Indochinese Federation and the French Union on March 6, 1946 but that compromise did not prevent the war that begun that December between Ho's forces and the French who tried to re-establish their colonial rule in the country.

Ho was a moderate within the Communist Party, and steadily lost influence to militant radicals. He was a leading force in trying to re-unite North Vietnam with South Vietnamthrough infiltration and insurrection during the 1960s. Ho led the war against the French (1946-1954) and, later, the United States until his death.

During his presidency, Ho was the center of a large personality cult in North Vietnam which increased in force after his death and when the former capital of South Vietnam, Saigon (Sàig̣n), was captured it was renamed Ho Chi Minh City within 24 hours.

Ho Chi Minh was a committed Nationalist and Vietnamese Communist, who fought for a united Vietnamese state. Opponents feel that he was not, because he mandated an invasion of South Vietnam that resulted in the death of over a million their citizens and after the the surrender of the South Vietnamese government during the Fall of Saigon, led to theVietnamese Holocaust.

The Communist government official statement is that Ho led a bachelor life, but it has been reported that he was at least twice married, once to a French woman, by the Far Eastern Economic Review.

Ho Chi Minh laying in State in his mausoleum that is viewed by thousands of supporters and tourists.

Ho died on September 2, 1969at age 79. His embalmed body was put on display in a granite mausoleum modelled on Lenin's tomb in Moscow. This was consistent with other Communist leaders who have been similarly displayed before and since, including Mao Zedong, Kim Il-Sung, and for a time, Josef Stalin, but the "honor" violated Ho's last wishes. He wished to be cremated and his ashes buried in urns on three Vietnamese hilltops, each in one of the three main regions of Vietnam (North, Central and South). He wrote, "Not only is cremation good from the point of view of hygiene, but it also saves farmland."

-- chien si (Chiensidietcong@yahoo.de), January 29, 2005.

Ho chi Minh la mot nha chinh tri, khong phai la mot nha van hoa hay la mot nha van hoc.

" Danh nhan van hoa " gi ma lam tho nhu la tho con coc, van chuong chu nghia toan an cap cua thien ha,

" Danh nhan van hoa " ma tu viet sach de khen ngoi chinh ban than minh.

" Tieu nhan " van hoa thi co.

-- Tinh Co. (nghisaonoidzay@yahoo.com), January 30, 2005.

Ông Hồ chi Minh là một vĩ nhân rât đung, nhưng là một vĩ nhân thành công trong công lừa được cả một dư luận thê giơi bị bop meo su thật và lừa được cả một nưa dân tộc Viet nam trong bao năm nhờ sự bảo trợ của hai quan thầy Sô Viêt và Trung Quoc vĩ đai.

Thê gioi bị bộ may tuyên truyên siêu đẳng của CSQT mê hoặc đên cai độ không biêt là co Viet Nam Cong Hoa , mac du dưoc tren hon tram nuoc Dab$n chu va trung lập công nhan cả THuy Si. Chung cao sieu den noi ngay khong con mot nguoi linh Mỹ da rut lui tu 1973, the gioi van tuong rang CS BV đang đanh Mỹ cư quoc voi bom My tiep tuc roi trên dau.

Nhưng măi đên sau 30thang Tu 75 THE GIOI moi vở lỏ ra Hai triệu người bỏ trôn CS , sợ CS như sô ac quỉ. Nhưng màlà ac qui thật v́ de tiet kiem xuong mau nguoi Viet Tong Thong VNCH da hoa hoan ra lenh ngưng ban. Thay vi loi dung de lay long dan xay dung đât nươc CSBV lai bỏ tù tat cả mien Nam Holacauste Vietnamien lon nhat the gioi. Bộ may tuyen truyen lai tiep tuc thanh cong che dau su that trong nuoc v.v. Ông là vĩ nhân dam bỏ người vợ TRung Quoc mà ong yeu thuong, dam len lut lien lac de giu hinh anh bac ho hi sinh cho dat nuoc. Ong la vĩ nhan da cho nguoi thủ tieu người vợ không chinh thuc co con voi Ong lay ten ho ong Nguyen Tat Trung con Nguyen Tat Thanh. Ong là Vĩ nhan duoc cac sũ gia ten tuoi noi Ông là nguyen nhan cua cuoc nôi chiên tàn khôc nhat của lich sủ Viet Nam. Ong là vĩ nhân đă giêt hại tat ca khang chien quan chong thực dân Phap chỉ v́ họ không theo chủ nghĩa CS. Ông là vĩ nhân đa tằng tiệu vơi vợ người khi họ đi công tac. Ông là vĩ nhânchia căt đât nươc vàtiên chiên miên Nam vi chu nghia CSQT, Ong da da toa rap voi cia de lat do che do dan chu con phoi thai mien Nam voi kieu nem da dâu tay mà lich su da viet. Ông là vĩ nhân đă biên đât nươc thành địa ngục. Ông chỉ tôn thờ một tôn giao đo là CSQT

Đo là vĩ nhân thật sự đôi vơi người Viet Nam công minh ????

-- nguyen tuong thinh (mattrantinhthuong@skynet.be), February 01, 2005.

Viec Ho chu tich lam ma em thay duoc nhat la chu truong khang chien truong ki,duoi bon CH chay toe khoi!

-- (@@@.@@), February 01, 2005.

Mot cong viec rat duoc cua Ho chu Tit la ky ket hiep uoc Vinh Ha long " gia vo " chap nhan su trao tra doc lap cu Phap, nam trong lien hiep Phap. Han hoan don tiep Phap tro lai VN, Va hua voi Phap la se tieu diet het thanh phan " Chong Phap " ( coi nhu luc do la chong lai mau quoc ).

Ngay Phap do bo lai VN, chu tit Ho chi Minh noi nhan dan treo co, bao rang do la ngay sinh cu Ho chu Tit, sau do, muon tay Phap giet nhung nguoi Quoc Gia chong Phap.

Con Dai Tuong Vo Nguyen Giap cua @@@@@ ( sau nay lo viec de dai cua may chi em phu nu ). thi muon may khau sung Canon cua Phap se san bang cac don cua linh Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang, mot luc luong chong Phap nhung khong theo Viet Minh.

Muon tay ngoai bang de giet hai nguoi yeu nuoc . That xung dang de duoc nhan lanh danh tu DAI VIET GIAN PHAN QUOC.

Va cung rat xung dang duoc lanh nhan danh tu " TIEU NHAN VAN HOA "


-- Tinh Co. (cosaonoidzay@yahoo.com), February 01, 2005.

VAy cac bac thu thap duoc khoang 1 trieu chu ki cua nguoi Viet hai ngoai cong nhan dieu do di!

-- (@@@.@@), February 02, 2005.

Chuyen trong nuoc.

Phim " Nguyen Ai Quoc tai Hong Kong " ngay dau tien chieu khai mac co ve moi, khan gia co mat khoang 2/3 cho ngoi cua rap.

Sang ngay thu 3. chi co mot khan gia vao coi - co le de chong lai can benh " mat ngu "-!

Ban gia doc rap quyet dinh tra ve lai va cho nghi chieu.

Con hieu qua hon chu ky cua dong bao Hai Ngoai.

-- Tinh Co. (cosaonoidzay@yahoo.com), February 02, 2005.

@@@.@@ thu nho dang cong san VN loan bao tin nay tren he thong truyen thanh, truyen hinh:

Mot nha chinh tri tu viet sach de cao minh, co xung dang nhan lanh tuoc hieu " danh nhan van hoa " khong ?

Roi coi du luan phan ung ra sao !

-- Tinh Co. (cosaonoidzay@yahoo.com), February 02, 2005.

Den gio phut nay ma chang thay co mot bang chung nao chung nhan la UNESCO cong nhan la Ho Chi Minh la danh nhan van hoa the gioi.

@@@.@@ tim toi gi ma lau the. Co gang len.

-- Tinh Co. (cosaonoidzay@yahoo.com), February 02, 2005.

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