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Hi there,

Long time ago I was owner of a brand new F4 750 and initiate some threads here around.

After 36'000 km of fun I sold the bike to buy a new toy (V-Raptor 1000) but I was wondering to own a triple as well once in my life and made the mistake to buy a Benelli Tornado RS...was willing to ride a dream and that was a nightmare... 80(

Hence last september I bought another Raptor1000 and turned it with Ohlins fork ... and another F4 for race track only.

Now I'm just happy with these two bikes and you can spot some pics under

By the way this post was to signal this bike in particular

goto and click on the photography of the F4 with the number 7 at the front.

You will discover the fastest F4 1000 ever. This one as been tested by Pierfrancesco Chili last october and it seems this is the real one that MV will entering as wildcard in 05 and the whole season 06.



-- Laurent (, January 28, 2005


what was so bad about the benelli?


-- (, February 06, 2005.

This bike has also good points. For exemple the front end, the brakes, the look and the sound.

But that's not enough to compensate soft spots :

- neutral impossible to found - no idle because of bad injection development, and forget about upgrades they don't sort this issue. - poor autonomy (130km) - mad steering angle and wath's astonishing there is less angle when you turn full right or full left - poor built quality of some parts (rust, cracks) - and finally electrical issues (mad trips, faulty display selection.

I have to say even if you love exotic bikes you will loose your nerves with the 'Nelly... 80(

-- Laurent (, February 06, 2005.

I had a look at a brand new Tornado in a dealer here in Australia. I just couldn't believe the crap quality of this bike...totally crap.

Parts that didn't fit, tarished metal parts already, chrome plating peeling off the instrument cluster, just generally tatty all over, I was horified at how bad it was put together ...and the thing was so big and clumbersom too..not my cup of tea.

I guess you could say I'm not a fan....they do sound nice though.

-- Pete Hughes (, February 08, 2005.

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