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Hello; I would like to know how the Silver Meteor was split at Wildwood. I am interested in the actual switching moves. Thank you

-- Walter Presley (, January 27, 2005


SAL had two types of switchers at Wildwood.Alco's and Baldwins.Usually one could handle the "Meteor" shuffle.

-- Joseph Oates (, February 09, 2005.

Sometimes new answers bring new questions. I had assumed the road units did the switching but now I see they were being fueled,so could you tell me how many switchers worked the train and what type? Thank you again

-- Walter Presley (, February 09, 2005.

In answer to Bill Park's question.It would have made no difference which track the arriving SB train would be on,however,without looking I think the train would arrive on the track farest away from the station.There were fuel plugs at that location and the locos were serviced while the switching was going on.Other fuel plugs were located on the north end of the NB track.This of course dosen't prove anything because you can fuel from either side of a locomotive.But,let's get back to the original question.If you have two SB trains on two different tracks,one or the other has to crossover,correct? If there are no crossovers shown in the yard,there were some at Coleman,four miles south,where the Miami and Tampa lines split.More questions? Write me.

-- J.Oates (, February 07, 2005.

Our first calendar (1998) has a photo on the rear cover of the northbound Meteor leaving the Wildwood station. It is crossing over south of the station from the northbound main (track next to the station) to the southbound main. Not sure if this adds any useful info for what you need, anyway it's a very nice photo.

Commercial break: this and our other calendars are all still in stock, and the older ones are only $3 for 15+ large, excellent color photos. This is about as close to free as it gets, folks....

-- Larry Goolsby (, February 02, 2005.

First I want to thank Walter for asking this question, and Joe for providing an answer, as it was something I was curious about also. However, I have looked at Joe's answer while looking at plans for Wildwood yard, and am not certain which tracks were used.

It sounds as if the SB Meteor would pull into the station on the NB Main (closest to station), and was split resulting in the Tampa section on the SB Main and Miami still on NB. If so, I can't figure out where the crossover between NB and SB is. I see one south of the station, but there is not one to the north (my plans go just past the highway bridge). Is the north crossover just off my map, or did they use the double ended siding off of the NB main (just north of the station)?

I'm currently in the design phase, and would like to "get it right" - or as close as possible.


-- Bill Parks (, February 02, 2005.

Thank you vey much. I intend to include this action on my own rails.

-- Walter Presley (, January 30, 2005.

Southbound,arrived Wildwood with three diesels,one B-D,6 sleepers,one diner,3 coaches,one diner,4 coaches,one obs. Lead diesel cut off and set over on top of passenger-baggage (ran RT,Wildwood-St.Pete).Train cut behind third sleeper and swung over on top of P&B.Train then cut ahead of the rear diner and set back to the remainig diesels, B-D and sleepers.This would be the Miami section,the other would be the St.Pete section.

-- Joseph Oates (, January 29, 2005.

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