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Do yourself a favor and leave it alone. This was built so you can't fix when serious problums occur, like board replacment even if its a non LON system. When you replace the 188 board, you are required to reload the software and not by just pulling and replacing the chips.

-- george (nofear971@hotmail.com), January 26, 2005


George the tac20 is not as bad as you think. if you have the ims software and a laptop you should have no problems.

-- Tom Przybyla (partspec@flash.net), January 26, 2005.


If you work for TKE, downloading software isn't a problem. If you don't work for TKE, your screwed, all the kings horses and all the kings men won't be able to figure it out, or even get anywhere near the processor.

-- Will (mtnrambo@msn.com), January 26, 2005.

So basically what you are saying is if you are a large property owner that is continually adding units to your portfolio, you should avoid qualifying TK to bid if they plan on using the TAC 20?

-- Brian (m428rl@hotmail.com), January 28, 2005.

No, we also install non propritory equipment like MCE.

-- (nofear971@hotmail.com), January 29, 2005.

Yes that's what he's saying. TK can basically name any price they want and the customer is screwed and has to pay it. Should be illegal!

-- tom (not@yahoo.com), January 28, 2005.

Nope, what I'm saying is that if you don't knoiw what your doing, don't fuck with it.

-- Will (mtnrambo@msn.com), January 29, 2005.

And what I am saying is that TK should read the spec before they bid. Anyone want to buy a slightly used TAC. I know one that will be coming out shortly. HAHAHA

-- Brian (m428rl@hotmail.com), January 30, 2005.

Brian, With the Owner Service Tool that comes with the TAC 20 when the specs require one, even an idiot like you could work on it. Maybe your customer should just get a qualified elevator company or maybe just another mechanic instead of replacing the unit.

-- Will (mtnrambo@msn.com), January 30, 2005.

Can anyone besides TK swap the processor board? Or is a service tool required to load the software.

-- joe (whobwho@yaho.com), January 30, 2005.


Even if you had IMS, you still need the software and we get that from NTS.

-- (nofear971@hotmail.com), January 31, 2005.

Will, If you would pull your head out of your a$$ long enough to read instead of typing you would see that (1)It was spec'd that all diagnostic tools were to be provided to the owner (non-proprietary) (2)They didn't provide them (3)Even mechanics like you that feel you are god's gift to the elevator industry can't fix it if you don't have access. Unfortuneatly all of this just means they either hand over the tool as in the contract or the controller is ripped out and an MCE or other controller with tools is put in. I can't see how guy's like you feel holding an owner hostage to one company for service on THEIR EQUIPMENT THEY PAID FOR makes it okay to lock everyone else out.

-- brian (m428rl@hotmail.com), January 31, 2005.

So if I'm understanding. No one except TK can swap a proccessor board. Is that correct?

-- joe (whobwho@yahoo.com), January 31, 2005.


Guys like YOU are locked out for a reason, so go find a relay contact to burnish.


If you order a new 188E board through Vertex and give them the serial number on the controller, the software will be downloaded in the board when you recieve it. But other than a lightning strike, or guys like Brian screwing with it, you'll never have a problem with the unit.

-- Will (mtnrambo@msn.com), January 31, 2005.

Will I've been told by Vertex that they will not sell parts for the Tac 20. Did you know that?

-- joe (whobwho@yahoo.com), January 31, 2005.

Why do these guys think they are the only one's who know anything? When I worked for one of the big 4, I've walked on jobs that have been running with problems that they have had for 10 years. They didn't know enough to fix it.

95% of the guys working for the big 4 use the other 5% to get them out of trouble because they only barely have a clue, or just don't try. Out of those 5%, some finally wise up, and go elsewhere.

A book and service tool doesn't make you a genius.

-- Dan (justsomeguylookin2@hotmail.com), February 01, 2005.

Well, that about sums it up. Don't think anyone could say it any better.

-- Ray Griffin (elevatorguy@geocities.com_), February 01, 2005.

TAC 20

Dan (the man),

I don't know about the percentages! But, I liked the "wised up and go elsewhere".


-- Jon (jkh824@comcast.net), February 01, 2005.


I'm in that 5% you talk about, have been for 26 years now, I worked for one of those big 4 for 15 years, and they were only happy with you when the numbers were good. The big 4 company I work for now compensates me VERY heavily for what I do for them AND for that reason, I'm dedicated to them. They have been very good to me, even when the chips were down for me ( family issues, wife dieing from cancer ) they stood by me.

I could go back to the other company and easily live the life of a route mechanic, but why go back to a life were you get 40 hours pay for 40 hours work, where your just a number.

I also went out on my own for a few years, and worked for a few small elevator company's in between. I know what life is like for the little guy, and I'm here to tell you, it isn't worth it.

Reduce your stress and live longer.

-- Will (mtnrambo@msn.com), February 01, 2005.

I've reduced my stress by going elsewhere.

I'm a happy camper at work now. I can do a good job for my customers, and my customers actually pull me aside and thank me for doing a good job again. It's all smiles.


-- Dan (justsomeguylookin2@hotmail.com), February 01, 2005.

I agree fully. The big 4 play a numbers game but for good gun's they'll do side deals. The side deals are occuring more and more. In the late 60's early 70's there was quite a building boom and most of the guy's are now leaving the trade. It's a great trade and we are compensated appropriately. The guy's coming into the trade today are handed a fast tool and a manual with a tech support phone number. It's changing and there is nothing that can change that. I love working on flat belt drive freights to flux vector drives and as mechanics I think we all need to work together. This chat forum is a fabulous idea and we all need to keep in mind that flying a particular company flag in here accomplishes little. Sharing idea's free's up time to fix our problem and go home to our families sooner and still be paid a good buck.

-- Brian (m428rl@hotmail.com), February 01, 2005.


Well said...

But you have to remember that because we work for these companies, we have to be careful what we say in this forum...

I would like nothing better than to be able to help you guys and give you all the information you need, so many times, I see the problems you all talk about, and I know the answer, but can't help because it's protected information.

I do wear a shirt with a big 4 name on it like most of us, and I did work for a small mom and pop company for about while. They were spending tons of money trying to develope various small mod items for elevators at the time. They didn't want us talking to each other, let alone someone from another company.

-- Will (mtnrambo@msn.com), February 02, 2005.

No company owns me and I'd much rather help a fellow mechanic than a company that couldn't care less about me. Any mechanic working for the big 4 is just a number and can be replaced at any time for any reason. Proprietary or not, I'll help and so should everyone else. What they are doing should be against the law anyway and I follow my heart.

-- joe (whobwho@yahoo.com), February 02, 2005.

response to tac 20

the nextells are a wonderfull thing. and if ur not a loudmothed ass who knows it all u can easily get someone in the local from another company to help u. but it seems like alot of u are so full of hate i doubt ur own family would help u

-- noway (nowayurgettingmyemail@yahoo.com), February 14, 2005.

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