miprom21 digital drive car vibration

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i have a miprom 21 with an allen bradley digital drive 3 yrs old.car has rumble vibration its bad.it progressivley has gotton worse.ive changed tach on motor and car top.help it really seems like a machine problem.any adj have a answer.current otis adj...thank you.

-- george (pdm2003@comcast.net), January 26, 2005


Do you have a geard machine? If so check the motor to gear box coupling. If it slings out the rubber inserts it will cause vibrations. Machine may not have been aligned right and after some time they will get slung out, the more that are missing the worse it gets.

-- jack (b4042261837@yahoo.com), January 26, 2005.

Examine the ring gear and watch for signs that worm is eating into the crotch of the teeth. Expecially bad if bronz is starting to flake off the gear. This is caused by sheave shaft bearing wearing out and letting ring drop down and get pinched in the worm. Easy to solve, you get all new gears, bearings and seals. You will have a nice machine after that.

-- Jack (redmantech@hotmail.com), February 01, 2005.

What type of machine do you have? Do you have this rumble in low speed? If so drift car up and listen for noise, this will take drive out of picture. You could have a drive parameter out of range. Any other similar cars to copare your parameters with.


-- L. Alley (elevatorman124@yahoo.com), February 02, 2005.

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