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I have a brutale 2004 and fuel consumption has been 10.4-14.7 l/100km. The bike must run very rich. I have put straight middle section to the exhaust pipe and BMC filter which didn't make big difference to anything except little for sound. Now finally the dealer has received a new chip which should cure the fuel consumption problem some. The upgrade can be done in April because it is winter now. In the meantime I have ordered also Power Commander. Should I now a)install only the new chip? b)install the new chip and power commander. What map? c)install only the power commander. What map?

I have always thought that Power Commander is altering the original fuel map, so then it should be different according to what is original software. But if it is totally overpassing the original chip then it same result with either the chips. Is Powercommander changing ignition too?

-- mikko ylitalo (, January 26, 2005


Hey there Mikko, You are on the right track with a chip and power commander. Yes you do need both and it will make a worthwhile change to both power and fuel consumption. You will need both the chip and the commander,the chip for timing etc and the commander to remap the fueling. Yes the chip will do this to a degree but it will not allow the tuning the commander will. The commander will remove all flat spots and improve performance throughout the entire range. If you specify the mods to your bike in terms of chip,filter and exhaust then your commander will come mapped to suit. I would still recommend some time on a dyno with someone qualified to tweak the power commander though if you really want to get 100% from it. I am doing the same on my 1000 as we speak,RG3 pipes ,chip,mid section and power commander. Good luck hope this helps. Brett

-- Brett (, January 26, 2005.

New Chip !!! Where did you get it from and how much did it cost ? Is there any internet site I can order it from ? I will be waiting to install the Powercommander on my Brutale next week. I already have the 2-1-2 exhaust pipes. I think that the bike must have gained 3-4 Hp and runs a bit smoother on the pipe modification alone.

-- Nikolas (, January 27, 2005.

Bret, Where and who did you get your pipe and chip from, especially interested in the mid pipe assuming this is the section that removes the cat.

-- russell boxall (, January 27, 2005.

Hi Russ, Casoli are the guys to talk to. Yes the mid section pipe does remove the cat and I am told it also omproves sound and power. The chip is standard issue with the RG3 pipes but there are also a number of after market chips available. I am told the Eprom chip the comes with the pipes is the way to go. Oh by the Casoli also have headers as well if you decide to go all out. Brett

-- Brett (bfitzpatrick@psm, January 27, 2005.

I get the chip from the dealer after repeated asking for 6 months. From German discussion board I have noticed some people have received new chips between march and september, some of the chips have not worked but since september they should be ok and decreasing fuel consumption down to 8 l/100 km without sacrificing anything as the first new chips did. So I need to find a good dyno and a guy who can tune power commander.

-- Mikko Ylitalo (, January 28, 2005.


Please let me know how it goes with your Brutale. I own one as well and I am thinking of doing the same. I have changed the handle bars on my bike and now I am thinking of doing the exhaust and chip. Is the difference in sound much more noticealbe?


-- John Sbarro (, February 27, 2005.

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