Westinghouse 375 machines

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I am bidding on a modernization that currently has Westinghouse 375 machines with 3/8" hoist ropes. I have heard these machines are a nigthmare to have on service as the ropes on these sheaves have to be changed much more frequently than normal. What is the long term solution to solve this problem (supposedly the hardness of the sheaves and hoist ropes are not compatable, causing the ropes to wear prematurely.)

Is there a solution to prevent excessive wear on the ropes? Perhaps a retro-fit main machine sheave. Job is 2:1 DWT. Machine was made in France. Installed 1983.

Any help you can provide is appreciated.


-- jon webster (jwebst23@hotmail.com), January 25, 2005


Had 6 of these (16 stories) on service. They are a nightmare. Ropes were being replaced every 2-5 years or so. They also caused problems with extra movement after the car stopped, tripping faults. Part of that was the system that was installed, but the best solution is to get rid of the machines, period.

-- Jim (fixingelevators@sbcglobal.net), January 26, 2005.

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