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I'll be transporting my shell a fair amount this season. Are the padded sunbrella covers as durable as the nylon for frequent travel? I know of at least one gal at our club that had to return her padded cover for repair to some of the quilting stiches.

Thanks Ken

-- KenC (, January 25, 2005


Hi Ken ~ I am new to rowing, but have asked the same questions of Dave at Prarie Rowing and of the owner of Burnham boat covers. What was recommended to me was a Sunbrella cover, light colored, with the lining. I plan to keep my boat on my truck and transport it in the summer months. The lighter color is better for the boat's hull...less heat buildup inside of the cover, and the Sunbrella fabric will last years longer than the nylon will. The lining helps to prevent the battering on the hull from the zipper in the cover from the wind while traveling. Hope that this helps! I am sure that Dave at Prarie Rowing or Burnham Boat Covers will be happy to discuss your further questions. Regards, Kyle Hamilton

-- Kyle Hamilton (, January 27, 2005.

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