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Any good or bad feedback about Swift cec "futura" or "meridia" any feedback is apreciate

-- !@#%%^ (elevatorpr2000@yahoo.com), January 24, 2005


i've installed about 9 meridians and futuras and once you get the bugs out (takes about 3 months) they just run...

unfortionatly cec does not let you know what all the Bit Words (job specific) do, so you just have to get on the phone.. agian and agian..

-- bh (hansenbarry@netscape.net), January 24, 2005.

I've only worked on Futura's - and once they're up and running they're great. Generally they are straight forward to install however I would agree with "bh" and like to add that the software is job specific - also so you can have a few glitches especially when interfacing with other 3rd party devices etc. I would like to see some improvements to group settings as well. The ones I adjusted never broke down for about a year and a half - then I left the company anyhow - (except for drive errors due to power supply problems - the DSD412 is sensitive to voltage fluctuations). The diagnostics via the wizard and RVU are the best I've seen so far in terms of their ease of use.

-- Lifty (fakeaddress@hotmail.com), January 25, 2005.

I have adjusted probably near 150 of the Futura's and about a dozen of the newer Meridia. These included hydro's through gearless traction. On the bright side, Futura is an easy product to install and for the most part damn reliable once you do. It will run with several errors. The software for the most part is reliable. The Meridia as far as I'm concerned is junk.It was designed to be a low rise alternative to Futura. Swift manuals always were horrible and most guys who are good at this equipment learned a lot on their own by trial and error. Both the DSD412 and the HPV900 drives are very reliable and tune up easy. The Wizard software is a good tool and the RVU boxes were excellent tools for monitoring and troubleshooting. I now understand that the RVU is no longer being made so Swift will try and sell you their flaky "Remon" system instead. This is a system system that uses Dell computers in a ethernet support system that uses to built in SQL and activeX controls available to Windows XP. The problem with it is while the eye candy is nice , it just doesn't do what the simpler RVU box does for the troubleshooter. Swift's tech support has been a joke for some time now and getting worse since their best people keep leaving. You will get an answer but if it helps you out .... don't hold your breath. Overall it is really a shame that they don't clean up their act since the Futura is a decent product.

-- D Smith (viking4tress@yahoo.com), March 07, 2005.

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