Westwood Yard

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Does any one have a picture ,diagram or anything that shows the two buildings at Westwood circa 1955-60? when I worked there in 56&57 there was a two story brick building that housed the general roadmaster and other "white shirts". then there was the yard office, awooden single story structure. I am intrested in both as I am modeling Westwood for my layout. Thanks & happy railroading Dan King

-- Dan King (acltrainman@earthlink.net), January 24, 2005


Dan, I have a photo of the two-story brick building - can't place right now which building the other one was that you mention, but I may have it too. Also have a track diagram showing general building shapes and locations. Contact me off list for more info.

-- Larry Goolsby (lgoolsby@aphsa.org), January 26, 2005.

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