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This was the cd that introduced me to the music of Bill Laswell and Buckhead. It was simply entitled "AXIOM," and it also featured Bootsy Collins as a guest musician. Somehow I lost that disc and could never find it again. I checked Mr. Laswell's site but did not see it there, can anyone help?

Thanks, Stevo

-- stevo (, January 22, 2005


there is no disc simply entitled 'Axiom'...there is a sampler called 'Axiom: Illuminations' and another comp called 'Axiom: Manifestations' that is somewhat of a comp, but with remixes and edits and whatnot. You may want to look at my site and see if you can dig up what your looking for based on the album info contained in the discography section :


-- Dave (, February 18, 2005.

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