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Me and my wife lost our house 7 years ago in may this year and eversheds are chaseing us for 4500 pounds.about one letter a fortnight i have not responded but am tempted to offer 10 per mouth to keep them off my back and stop them threatening me with bankrupcy etc is this a good thing to do or should i try another avenue. since i lost my home i have slowly paid every creditor up to dateJust leaves this thanks for your kind help Paul

-- paul (, January 21, 2005



first you must determine if you really owe this money? Do you know what arrears you had, was the house reposessed and sold for a fair price, did you have a MIG that you understood would pay any shortfall? We need these answers before we can advise you of your options. Have you SARN'D the lender yet?

Take the time to read the info on the site, and then post the answers to the relative questions.The lender has an obligation to prove you owe this money.

Meantime what I would advise you is NOT to come to any arrangement with them and NOT to acknowledge the debt and NOT to fill in any I & E forms.

Act now but don;t panic as there are people on this site who will give you good appropriate advice.

Good luck


-- Moira (, January 25, 2005.

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