A New Year

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Well, I am preparing for a new Homestead year.This year will hopefully include a move, and the marriage of my eldest son. I have found the most beautiful 50 acres! House, barns, HUGE Pecan trees! If the Lord wills it will be our new home. Either way it will be a wonderful year on my homestead. Everything holds great promise!

Shortly I will be pruning my fruit trees, and loooking for evil little bug hideouts. I am also covering my garden in carpet mulch. I spent Monday hauling carpet with my good friend Thumper. I am also going to be starting my transplants here shortly. First the cool weather crops, and followed by the warm weather crops. I am debating keeping the level of poultry I have now, with the exception of getting Geese, and increasing my Turkey population. I want to see if with the birds I have now, I will be able to reproduce enough meat for the farm. However the specials at Martis poultry are looking mighty interesting. I am looking forward to my Turkey's first season of lay. I have a pair of Standard Bronze Turkeys. I have it my head to raise a few more this year and purchasing them from a different source to maintain breed stability. I would like to pick a year, and attempt to toally feed my family without purchasing any additional stock, or buying any additional seed. However, I am afraid this is not the year for it. Eventually I would like to get to where this farm is self-sufficient, a closed system. Moving to 50 acres of prime farmland would help that goal. My plan is this: 1) immediately plant an orchard using trees I planted on this property last year which will be balled and burlaped, and moved, and also to purchase additional trees from the fine company I purchase the trees I am moving. This company charged me just 3.98 per tree for most. I was amazed at their speed of delivery, and quality when they arrived. I lost some, but it was not due to the trees, it was due to the fact that I did not get them in the ground soon enough.

2)Plant small fields of Milo, corn, Buckwheat, cowpeas, and sunflowers.

3)Hay the remaining pasture that is not in crops, or animals, on shares.

4)But first, before the above 3 things I plan to fall on my knees and Thank God for giving me the opportunity to live there.

Little Bit farm

-- Little Bit Farm (littlebit@brightok.net), January 20, 2005

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