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Lots of wonderful photos at but none of the rear of a tender! What information (Loco number? xx,xxx Gall.? xx Tons Coal??) went on the rear of (i) a Ps-4 12-wheel tender and (ii) an Ms-1 tender, and how was it placed.

-- Ian Dunn (, January 20, 2005


Hello Ian: Try this: Type 'Southern steam tender data' in your search engine. this should bring you to "SMRF Archives- OCT 2002 week 3. Click into this and scroll to line 24. Lots of good tender data info. IF all else fails, this is the web site"" Whew- thats a long one. I think you will get there easier through Southern steam tender data . The Spencer Shops book by Galloway & Wrinn have some of the best reat tender shots that I've seen. It seems that the freight tenders had there water cap. and engine # displayed on them. The 'Green' engines seemed to be a bit more 'ornate' and had some message behind the tender ladder. It's like there could be more or less data diplayed on the rear of the tender depending on what type of engine it is and where it was painted and serviced. Hope this helps. RDC

-- Robert D. Cashwell (, January 26, 2005.

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