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After a very nasty split my ex has made himself bankrupt, in his own words, 'to ensure that I will be liable for all Northern Rock secured and unsecured repayments'. I moved out of the property and carried on paying half of everything whilst he remained and paid nothing. NR are now coming after me for 2k to clear his arrears (joint & several liability)they have given the option of switching to interest only & will clear all arrears but he is refusing to sign anything (and has made clear he will be very difficult about any property sale transactions), whereas I am happy to do this and carry on paying eveything & sell the property. To enable me to make my decision, please can anyone tell me - will my ex also be liable for any shortfall on the mortgage after he has had his 1 year discharge from bankruptcy - I am sick of paying out thousands due to him which I doubt i will recover even if i sell the house myself. Pleae help me. Thank you

-- Sam Morris (, January 19, 2005

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