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Richard, (Old Shepart Homelift need schematics for repair) Thank you for your response---I found this information on one of the parts up top (don't know if this is a serial # or not) Type N385 Volts - 110, AC H.3553, AMP 6.2, HP 1/3 phase 1 cycle 60 speed 1750 RPM, Pat. No. 40-C-----also found other numbers and information on what looks like a circuit board------10AMP Open 9 AMP. Volts, D20255-14, VC 1622, 4-10MFD500 VAC, Cornell- Dublier. This unit is on top of the elevator, very dark, high up and hard to see anything. Thank You, Cathy

-- Cathleen Weaver (, January 19, 2005


Cathleen, what your reading is the motor data tag. Your best bet is to have a train elevator repair company take a look at it. What part of the country are you located in. Most elevator mechanics may be able repair your home lift even without the prints or can get you the correct ones. Good Luck Barry

-- bh (, January 24, 2005.

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