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Hey guys,

i want lower gearing, don't need 70+ mph in first on my Evo3 750.

Can someone explain to me what is the advantage of going to the 520 chain?

Can someone also recommend what a good "street" gearing combination f/r would be for my 750? stock is 14/40 right? would a 14/42 be a good gearing setup?

i don't want to swap sprockets alot, should i just get a MV rear sproket or go for a STM quickchange setup?

Also what should i do to adjust the speedo?


-- Issimo (, January 19, 2005



i have F4 Evo2, the original gearing is 15/40. I have change the gearing to my bike last year to 14/40 but the power wars not enough. In the winter i have change also the rear Sprocket with changadapter to 14/42. The endspeed is now with RG3 ca. 260km/h. I think this is the optimal gearing. If you change the gearing, you need a Speedo-recalibrator, because the Speeddisplay and the Odometer in then not correct.


-- Jani (, January 20, 2005.

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