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since the 1000 has evolved in the marketplace will the spr retain its value or decrese. for a couple or grand more you can get a liter bike. is it time to sell a spr/senna?

-- kingtut73 (, January 17, 2005


That would be kind of subjective - The SPR has an exclusivity factor that makes it desireable but the paint is an acquired taste (eek!) however there will always be those that must have one. The Senna is much more attractive to my eye.

-- Bill (, January 18, 2005.

The SPR will continue to have a tough time in the marketplace, IMO, exactly because of the MV1000. If the SPR had been introduced a couple of years ago, it would have been the top model in the line, but now you could argue the 1000 is the highest-performance model. With the SPR also costing more than a standard 1000, personally I don't see the value of an SPR that is slower than the 1000, more expensive, less usable (no 1+1), and has a muted paint scheme. If I wanted a limted-edition mono F4, I'd find a Senna.

While the SPR may be more exclusive than a standard MV1000, the 1000 isn't exactly common either.

-- Steve B. (, January 18, 2005.

As an SPR owner and Enthusiast, you may think my answer biased, and maybe your right, But the 1000 isn't the equal of the SPR and never will be, The SPR (Special Production Racer) is a limited edition Track Bike that can be used on the road - Most owner's buy it as a starter pack and add to it, It handles far better than a any other MV yet manufactured (including the Tamburini, Which I have ridden), albeit the Tam makes great power, but power is not what riding is all about, HANDLING is King and the SPR wins in that department everytime. IMO - The value of the SPR is immaterial, Buy one if you want one, Unless MV launch a 1000 SPR I will never swap mine ! Steve

-- Steve (, January 19, 2005.

i agree with mr SPR owner.i have been in the bike industry for some years to which have been the owner of the zx7rr and an r7.these like the SPR are unique and will always be.they are built for the track but will behave well on the road stick with the SPR or even the stunning SENNA wife permitting i shall have a SENNA soon.

-- toby keating (, January 20, 2005.

My local dealer has had a brand new SPR in for 17 months and can not sell it at any price. This is MY opinion and IS biased because I own one, the 1000 is a far far better bike than the 750, I have ridden various F4-750's including a senna, evo3 etc, they come no where near the 1000, and as for ltd editions, they just don't hold their value

-- mike (, January 21, 2005.

You have to take into consideration that these are all different bikes. Yes they are all MV and yes they are all special. I think that you should try to ride one of each if possible. Not everybody needs a second seat. And not everyone will need that much power. After having ridden a 1000, I made some observable differences. Obviously there is much more power in the 1000. You will find that you don't have to shift as much becuase of the lower end torque. However, you will have to be very careful with the throttle! It wants to lift the front end all the time. Also the turn in is noticably heavier! It has to do with the larger internals of the engine. The 750 based bikes turn eaiser at higher speeds.

-- Cali-Kane (, January 21, 2005.

You obviously missed the point of my post Kane !

Kingtut73 - I know you own SPR 149 surely you must agree ?


-- Steve (, January 31, 2005.

Dear MV owners, They are all good bikes depending rider skills, one could ride faster on 750 than others on 1000. So, if the SPR looks good to you, then buy it. Because investment belongs to MV dealers. Not us. We buy MV because they are all great bikes, that is why they offer different models. Anyway, enjoy the one you got or buy one of each. Kaming

-- Kaming (, February 06, 2005.

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