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Hi - I am picking up my 04 Brutale this week and have been reading a lot of the info on this list - great. A couple of questions:

Can someone update me on the latest info on the Power Commander - I was wondering how the map worked out and any new numbers on fuel consumption. (last posts were Sept/Oct 04)

Also I would like to get rid of the Cat and use the 2:1:2 exhaust adaptor. Are these available in USA?

And is there anyone on this list that has imported their MV into Canada?. I think I have it all sorted, but the RIV admissable list could be considered ambiguous. I am doing the importation this week and any additional feed back from someone who has gone thru this would be very much appreciated.

Thanks Jim Vancouver, BC

-- Jim Bush (, January 17, 2005


I have imported an MV F4-1000 into Canada (Calgary, AB) this past September. That RIV lists "Ducati/Cagiva" as admissable vehicles from the US into Canada. These bikes fall under "Cagiva".

Bringing the bike across the border was a breeze. My only problems were with the RIV as the Form 1 they received from the Canadian Customs Office (the customs officer will fill one out for you when you bring it across - and pay the ~CDN$182 application fee) had the wrong bike info and the form that they received from the federal inspection was VERY late (I am sure this was no fault of the inspection centre but of the RIV - there was a strike going on at the time of my import - grrrr!).

Happy importing!!

Ciao, Rick.

-- Rick Bertuzzi (, January 17, 2005.

Wow...Small world...


I will be doing the same thing on Wednesday (Jan 19/05). I will be picking my new F4-1000 up in Portland. I guess you are the guy from White Rock that the the boys down at Beaudry motorsports were talking about... I also live in the Vancouver Area (Port Coquitlam) and have been geatfull for all of Rick's help. He is a hell of a nice guy. Anyhow, he gave me all the scoop on this, and I think I have this all figured out. If you want to chat about this, feel free to drop me an email, or you can get my phone number off my website at Just call the main number.


-- Robert Walter (, January 17, 2005.

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