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How can I get involved with recieving messages and perhaps repling to some if I have a question or answer?

-- Mitchell Green (FLORIDAFLASH55@YAHOO.COM), January 13, 2005


Mitchell, you've already started the process. Just post your questions, as you have done with this one, and members can then post their answers if they know the answer. Although the Q&A board is not a "chat room," we sometimes have very active dialogue, with several rounds of Qs and As on the same subject in one day. Other times, it may be days later or longer before someone sees your question or finds out the answer. If you want to continue the "conversation" off the board, just reply directly to the other person using his posted e mail address.

It's important to pick an accurate category for your question when you start a thread so others can have an easier time finding older threads in the future.

-- Larry Goolsby (, January 13, 2005.

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