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Here I am (clueless) again, and thanks for the suggestions on my last question. I have those same MPH's I'm playing with, but this time the bulbs are out in the direction arrows in either side as you enter the cab. Obviously, it's easy to change light bulbs on the COP side, but the other is a bit more difficult. What I can see (from the top of the car only) is an enclosure with 4 spring loaded studs of some sort on all four corners that allow minimal movement of the enclosure itself, and certainly not enough to change the bulb. I'm certain I'm missing some simple means of bulb replacement. It just can't be that hard.....can it?

-- SM (, January 13, 2005


SM, Your directional arrows are probably spring loaded you should be able to push it in with your thumb and slide the up arrow up and the down arrow down and access the bulbs. Hopefully no one adjusted the springs too tight you may have to squeeze your hand in behind the jamb and take some tension off with a 7/16 gear wrench. Good luck.

-- George Westinghouse (, January 14, 2005.

George, you're a life saver...thanx pal

-- SM (, January 15, 2005.

SM, No problem man.

-- George Westinghouse (, January 16, 2005.

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