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My boyfriend and father of my child is an illegal immigrant from Mexico. he came here by crossing the boarder. We want to get married, but are not sure exactly how to go about it. Can we get married just as if i was marrying a citizen? And if so, what papers would we have to file afterwards to get him started on a work visa/green card. As of right now, he just wants to be able to get a better job to be able to provide for our daughter properly. Citizenship, i know is a long process, and that will come in the future.

-- (, January 13, 2005


You can marry your boyfriend. When you both go apply for your marriage license and they ask him for his SS# just tell them that he does not have one. That is what my husband and I got married. After you get married you can file the paper work by yourself or go through an immigration lawyer. They can be expense, you just have to find one that has a reasonable price. Most of them will meet with you and your husband for a free consultation. At that meeting he/she will tell you what it will cost for the immigration fees, the penelaty fee(for him coming over illegally) and then of course what the lawyer fee is. Good luck

-- Ginger Bautista (, February 07, 2005.

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