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Hey and thanks in advance for any help

Couple of months ago I married to US. citizen and we are about to file a marriage petition to get a Green Card for me. I came to US 3,5 years ago as an F-1 student and have never been to my colledge. I have never worked while being in US, don't have any crime record. However, prior filing this Marriage Petition i've been told i have to check if there is any Deportation procedure in my Case, 'cause i've never been to the colledge. I have never received any depor. notes from INS or so, but as i've been told it could be just because they don't know my address. So, the question is - if there was any deportation procedure within these few years and i didn't know about it - will i still be able to file Marr. Petition (forms I-130, I-485) or it's not gonna help me to adjust my status and get a Green Card?

Once again, i will appreciate any responces

thank you

-- Ken (, January 13, 2005

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