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Hello, I seek a product to clean the carbon fibre parts. Does anyone know a wonder product? Thanks in advance Arnaud

-- (, January 13, 2005


I find a good solid wire brush works well.

-- Martin Gaudion (, January 13, 2005.

Thanks a lot Martin! Excellent! Fine! I immediately test it

-- (, January 13, 2005.

doh! try pledge or MR sheen, works a treat!

-- john kennedy (, January 13, 2005.

Avoid saturation with liquid (water or polishes etc) because if you have any porosity from an inferior manufacturer it will get itself into the weave and you'll end up with a grey dull marks in the carbon. (Often the finish on the backside is where the trouble commences)

Macquires, or Mothers make some good cutting compounds, canubra waxes and sealing polishes.

If this is not enough to remove the problem email me direct and I'll give you some repair leads.

Our F4 moulds are literally days away from completion so will start production of complete carbon kits and f/glass ones (if anyone can't wait till we update the site just email me direct)

Cheers Edu Brisbane Australia

-- Edu (, January 13, 2005.

John & Edu: Thanks for your help! Arnaud

-- (, January 14, 2005.

Try Honda cleaner or Protect All. They work great.

-- Scott K (, January 14, 2005.

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