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Hi guys. I'm debating trading-in my UK model Brutale (1300 miles,reg Feb'04) for an F4 1000 that my dealer has in stock. I tried selling it privately but got no takers.Bummer ! He has offered me what I consider to be a pretty crappy trade-in price.Has anybody else traded up from Brutale to F4 1000 in the UK ? If so,what sort of loss did you sustain ? Thanks. Are MV going to issue a remap for the injection,as alot of people seem to comment that the injection is a bit jerky low-down. Do you get used to the riding position after a while ? (I've not even ridden the bike,just sat on it,as he is a small dealer and the bike hasn't been PDI'd. Cheers

-- Martin Gaudion (, January 12, 2005


Further to the above I managed to grab a go on the only F4 1000 currently on my local roads. Only rode it for about 10 minutes and the roads were damp so I was treading a bit carefully. I noticed that the bike tended to "run-on" a bit when you close the throttle.It was a similar sensation to riding an older bike with the choke on! Having re-read a magazine road test,I think this can be attributed to the Engine Braking System which works "when the rider closes the throttle,an air inlet is opened in cylinder 2,which continues burning a limited amount" It is certainly a bit odd at low revs,but I suppose you get used to it. The fuelling overall was certainly better than some of the UK mag road tests would have you believe. The model I rode was the single seat version which looks far nicer than the 1+1 which is the model that my dealer currently has in stock. Which model have you guys gone for ? I don't really want to pay 200 extra for something that looks worse,but I may get a better deal on a bike in stock than placing an order for a single seater. Finally,I know it is written elsewhere,but which are the best aftermarket pipes ? Is it the RG3 jobbies,and if so where is the best place to get them from in the UK ? Are they done on the exchange system where they take your original pipes in ?

Thanks for any info guys

-- Martin Gaudion (, January 16, 2005.

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